Vol. 4, No. 5 (September 2016)


An Explanation of Motivating Factors of Second Language Learners

Ms. Arezoo Salehinasab, Islamic Azad University, Neyshabur, Iran

International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching in the Islamic World (FLTJ), 4(5), 05-12.      Download Full Text


This study attempted to investigate motivating factors and devoted to develop a questionnaire. In order to find the major motivating factors, a mixed method research design was followed. The aim of this study was to explore motivating factors through interviews and a questionnaire. A sample of motivated students from some of Neyshabur language institutes was interviewed. In addition, a 25-item questionnaire was developed and administered among 120 English learners in language institutes. Three categories of motivating factors were identified: future success, emotion, and English competence. In order to identify which factors and which items have the highest and lowest impact on students' motivation, the questionnaires were analyzed through obtaining a weight score for each response to motivation questionnaire and then the total weight scores of each factor were calculated. Among the motivating factors, teachers as a subcategory of emotion were the most influential one, the effect of which should be taken into account.

Key words: English competence; Future success; Emotion; Motivating factors; Motivation

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