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International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching in the Islamic World (FLTJ) invites university lecturers, students, teachers, researchers, etc. to submit their scholarly papers to FLTJ. All manuscripts should be prepared based on FLTJ Style Sheet and FLTJ Editorial Style. To become familiar with the submission and publication processes and guidelines, you can visit FLTJ Author Guidelines page. Manuscripts should be submitted online.



Acceptable Scope for Manuscripts

The journal addresses both theoretical and empirical problems and issues related, but not limited, to:

  1. Teaching and learning foreign languages (such as English, Arabic, French, Persian, Turkish, etc.)
  2. Second language teaching and learning
  3. Applied linguistics
  4. Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)
  5. Mobile Assisted Language Learning (MALL)
  6. Discourse Analysis
  7. Contrastive Analysis
  8. Teacher education
  9. Textbook/Materials evaluation
  10. Teaching and learning language skills
  11. Teaching methods
  12. Teaching and learning language components
  13.  Sociolinguistics
  14.  Psycholinguistics
  15.  Literature and language teaching
  16.  Translation and language teaching
  17.  Testing, evaluation, and assessment
  18.  E-learning
  19.  Teaching foreign languages for specific purposes
  20.  Teaching foreign languages for academic purposes
  21.  Curriculum Development
  22.  Syllabus Design
  23.  Distance education
  24.  ………………………


How to Submit Papers to FLTJ:

Please see our guidelines for authors.


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