Author Guidelines


Due to the high rejection rates and stringent selection, it is advisable that authors familiarize themselves with the listed conventions and guidelines of this journal. In order to stand a higher chance of getting published, save us a lot of time and work, and avoid (possible) disappointment from rejections, authors should: 

  1. ensure their papers are not published elsewhere and that they have ownership of their papers.
  2. ensure their papers follow FLTJ Style Sheet and FLTJ Editorial Style.
  3. conduct accurate analyses, use reliable data and avoid clichés. 
  4. ensure their papers enjoy accurate language
  5. conduct analysis using scientific, systematic, detailed and theoretical approaches.
  6. revise their own papers and get someone to evaluate their work prior to submitting their papers.


Files to submit:

There are at least two Word document files that must be prepared and submitted for review:

1. Title Page File

The title page file must have these details: Title; Abstract; Authors' names, affiliations, addresses, phones, emails, bio-data

2. Manuscript File

Manuscripts should adopt FLTJ Style Sheet and FLTJ Editorial Style.

3. PDF Version of the Manuscript File

Authors should also submit the PDF version of their manuscript file.

4. Appendices

If appendices should be submitted with the paper and they cannot be included in the main document, you can submit them in separate files.

5. Cover letter

There should be a letter certifying that the submitted paper is not published elsewhere and is not under review by any other journal or conference.


How to submit:

Submission is free of charge and online. Refer to the bottom of the website pages.


FLTJ Paper Publication Process:




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